Sommelier: Orin Swift Cellars Abstract

The wine is Abstract, and the style is big and bold. This is one red blend that packs on heat with layers of spicy grenache, torqued with the tannins of petite sirah and infused with the rich complexion of syrah. Its black fruit and red berry flavors are woven into a caramelized roasted nut finish that lingers just long enough. Abstract is produced by Orin Swift Cellars and crafted by Dave Phinney, the talented California winemaker who introduced born-again charisma to the worldwide wine scene. And a new label designed for the 2013 vintage is almost as classy cool as this artisan’s spin on the Rhone Ranger blend. It’s no wonder this beauty debuted as one of Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines in the World. Abstract is available by the glass at Bin 77 in Perkins Rowe, where it pairs perfectly with Chef David Dickensauge’s fabulous short ribs. Or take home a bottle from their wine shop for under $30. It may be Abstract in name, but it’s clear and convincing in the “everyone will love it” category.