Sommelier: JCB No. 69 Brut Rosé

More than froth, frills and pink petticoats,  JCB No. 69 Brut Rosé is an elegant sparkling wine crafted from pinot noir grapes. Although produced in the Burgundy region of France and labeled Crémant de Bourgogne, it’s almost red wine, but with a smart sophistication and sparkle that speaks to universal romance.

As one of Neiman Marcus’ premier wine offerings from the In Circle wine program, JCB has grown from cult status to one of the most popular kids on the block. Produced using the traditional Champagne method, JCB delivers at a bargain with upfront raspberry and cherry flavors touched with Madagascar vanilla on the finish. Easy to drink and low in tannins, this sparkling rosé has the subtle nuances found in wines crafted with the rather delicate pinot noir grape.

With softer bubbles than its Champagne sister, JBC No. 69 is available BTG at the new Rouj Creole Restaurant, where it pairs perfectly with the Crawfish Tamale. Or you can find bottles of JCB No. 69 Brut Rosé for $27.99 at Calandro’s Supermarket on Perkins Road, and pair with every shellfish the Gulf Coast has to offer.