Sommelier: Il Fauno di Arcanum

When Italians think French, they drink Il Fauno di Arcanum, a Bordeaux-style red wine previously referred to as Super Tuscan. It’s produced in the heart of Tuscany, home to some of the world’s great wine regions and birthplace to the scandalous “Italian Bordeaux.” Packing a punch well above its weight, the powerful Il Fauno combination of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and petit verdot overdelivers in structure and complexity at a QPR that will make you smile like the Mona Lisa. Ripe, dark fruit is framed with toasted vanilla oak and velvet tannins that slide across the palate leading to a long, lingering finish. And it gets even better as the wine evolves in the glass.

Il Fauno di Arcanum 2012 is available BTG at Gino’s Italian Restaurant, where it pairs perfectly with the Marino family’s signature Grilled Lamb Chops. Or pick up a bottle for $32.99 at Calandro’s Supermarket and spend the evening making osso bucco. But at this price point, it’s an endangered species, especially since this 2012 vintage was ranked No. 19 in the world on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list.