Sommelier: Emmolo Merlot

Leave it to a woman to create a kinder, more gentle merlot while maintaining the full-bodied, full-strength richness of the grape. Jenny Wagner, from the House of Caymus, was the winemaker brainchild behind Emmolo Merlot. 

This bold Napa red starts off with dark cherries, opening to vanilla chicory and finishing strong and long with a milk chocolate kiss. It’s perfect for cab lovers and a predictable pleasure for Caymus fans. 

This smooth-as-silk red is produced with the quality and sophistication made famous by the Wagner dynasty. Jenny claims that wine is in her blood. But it’s also the talent, skill and experience of the family that brings us that delicious ready-to-drink X-factor.

Widely available, Emmolo Merlot needs no pairing advice. It’s all about the wine.