Sommelier: Cadre The Architects

Springtime in Paris is lovely, especially when sipping most any red Burgundy on a terrace overgrown with wisteria. But here you can have Cadre The Architects, a California pinot noir that begins with aromas of strawberry blossoms opening into a lightly oaked complex mix of wild berry and black cherry on the palate and finishing with a back bite of Asian spice. Blended with grapes from four distinctive vineyards located near the same latitude as Burgundy, this rich but affordable Central Coast pinot noir is beautifully built by world-class winemaker Christian Roguenant. Cadre The Architects is available BTG at French Market Bistro, where it pairs perfectly with Chef Borivane’s Grand Marnier Glazed Duck Michael. Or pick up a thyme-roasted chicken and a bottle of The Architects ($30) at Calandro’s on Government Street.

When in France, drink red Burgundies; but when you repatriate, reset the palate to Pacific Time and turn our attention to California’s cool-climate pinots. They are brighter in fruit with more sweet heat in the finish than their French cousins.