Photo courtesy Gourmet Girls.

Seasonal lunch offerings are among the specialties at Gourmet Girls

While summer doesn’t technically start for another month, it sure does feel like summertime down here in south Louisiana. This means new seasonal produce, and in turn, new lunch items to try at Gourmet Girls. The caterer, retailer, classroom and eatery serving up a carefully curated menu with each turn of the trees’ leaves.

“As far as lunch goes, my menu changes seasonally, but also weekly,” says owner Katia Mangham, who offers small dine-in and carry-out lunches on Tuesday through Friday. “We have our standbys, then we add weekly specials with seasonal produce.”

Available year-round, the Citrus Shrimp, Brussels Sprout Caesar and Mediterranean Chicken salads are a few items that stay consistent across the seasons, but this summer will include a new extra: the Caprese Sandwich. “It’s one of our most popular sandwiches that we run only in the summer,” says Mangham. “It includes basil pesto, aioli and creole tomato on brioche.”

Keep an eye on Gourmet Girls’ weekly specials in particular—these change the most. (Hint: There may be a Watermelon Salad popping up in your future.)

Because Mangham and her team need a full day to prep for parties and other orders, Gourmet Girls does not serve lunch on Mondays. However, the evolving Grab and Go coolers allow for a Gourmet Girls fix every Monday as needed, from various dressings to Jalapeño Pimento, Beet Hummus, Grecian Orzo and Apricot Chicken Salad. Soon, you’ll also be able to grab a Corn and Tomato Salad, a Queso Fresco Salad with Lime, and Cheese Tortes.

The newest and sweetest additions to the Grab and Go are Boozy Macarons with alcohol-infused flavors such as Margarita, Piña Colada and Champagne. For a kid-friendly option, Gourmet Girls also offers Birthday Cake, Raspberry and other non-alcoholic flavors.

Finally, for the summer, foodies can look forward to Gazpacho and Vichyssoise—cold soups that are more in season for the hot months—along with new items featuring the prized summer treat: heirloom tomatoes.

Check out Gourmet Girls’ lunch menu here. And read more about Mangham and her team’s edible works of art in this story from the inRegister archives.