Photo courtesy Red Stick Spice Co.

Spotted: Red Stick Spice Company’s Clink Cocktail Kits

We may be wanting to be out and about more than usual this time of year, but enjoying a restaurant-quality drink from the comfort of our own homes certainly hasn’t lost its appeal. Crafted in three summery flavors for $12 each, Red Stick Spice Company’s Clink Cocktail Kits come with creativity pre-packaged, leaving out the measuring and guesswork and relying only on the neutral spirit of your choice (and three days melding in the fridge).

Citrus Ginger Crush’s flavor profile of ginger, honey, citrus and kaffir lime mixes well with scotch, bourbon, vodka or gin; Papaya Berry Smash’s red berries, hibiscus and tropical fruit mesh best with rum, vodka, gin and seltzer; and Go Go Gin’s classic juniper, citrus, osmanthus and spices pairs with vodka or any other neutral spirit of your choice, plus, of course, a splash of tonic.

All pair well with a ladies’ night in.

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