Dish: Pepper Seared Fresh Tuna Salad

Photo by Jenn Ocken


It’s one of Zeeland Street Market’s most popular lunchtime items: pepper seared fresh Gulf tuna sliced and served over a bed of mesclun with avocado and grapefruit sections, blue cheese crumbles and drizzles of raspberry walnut vinaigrette. “The components marry really well,” says co-owner Stephanie Phares. Indeed, the salad’s complementary textures and flavors give the dish a seamless identity that stands out among its peers. It was inspired after co-owner Haden Phares sampled several dishes while traveling seven years ago, including a pepper seared tuna salad and a crab salad with avocado and grapefruit. Stephanie Phares says the salad is in keeping with Zeeland’s mission of fast, healthy food. The restaurant also recently eliminated Styrofoam, except for to-go plates. “We’re all about food that is good for your body and mind.”

Zeeland Street Market
2031 Perkins Road
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