Courtesy Kelly Zoghbi

Passion project: Blogger Kelly Zoghbi combines creativity with healthy eating

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Put good in, get good out” at least once or twice thanks to the good people and great marketing at Coca-Cola. But beyond the saying’s advertisement value, the words ring true, especially for local blogger and food visionary Kelly Zoghbi.

Launching her clean-eating website The Nutritious Table just weeks ago, Zoghbi has already seen an incredible response from new followers across the Internet. Why? Because Zoghbi is not your typical out-of-your league food blogger who creates intricate recipes that seem fit only for a master chef. Rather, she focuses on creating doable recipes that encourage people to express themselves creatively through the food they eat.

“I had a tiny health scare a while back,” says Zoghbi. “From that, I realized how little nutrition is talked about. I wanted to spread the word about how eating healthy changed my life and it can change other people’s, too.”

A recent LSU graduate in fine arts who is now studying holistic nutrition, Zoghbi uses food as an outlet for her boundless creativity. Mixing yellow star fruit with orange mangos and bright floral garnish, Zoghbi weaves together works of art that transport her, and those who recreate her recipes, to the ultimate happy place.

“When I start working on a recipe, sometimes it takes a long time,” explains Zoghbi. “But once I get an idea for something, it just flows.”

Upon first glance, it is difficult to even notice that Zoghbi’s recipes—for everything from strawberry-mango smoothie jars to Southwest-style spaghetti squash—are plant-based, catering to her own vegan lifestyle. “My goal isn’t to turn the world vegan,” says Zoghbi with a smile. “Only you can understand your body, and it’s important to do what’s right for you.”

She encourages anyone who sees her bright creations to not only consider the benefits for the environment, but to find a motive that speaks to their own body and way of life.

“I think the way to make this lifestyle stick is to have a reason to back up why,” says Zoghbi. “Every person has a different reason, and a different path, and I encourage people to find that.”