Dish: Party pops

Photo by Jenn Ocken


Gourmet Girls founder Kathy Mangham says her catering clients frequently request diminutive party pick-ups, prompting the former art major to experiment with fresh delivery devices. “Lollipops” are her current favorite. Veering away from meat-centric lollipops, Mangham uses balls of goat cheese rolled in fresh herbs, nuts and cranberries, or Brie and her own heirloom tomato marmalade wrapped in puff pastry. “People love the idea of picking up something tasty and pretty, and they’re easy to make at home,” says Mangham, a passionate locavore who formerly owned the Silver Spoon Restaurant in Bocage. Gourmet Girls will sell jars of Mangham’s tomato marmalade and other homemade preserves at the Red Stick Farmers Market in December. Call for dates.

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