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More beverages on wheels

In our March issue, we highlighted four mobile trucks and carts that make catering drinks and alcoholic beverages a breeze. But in Baton Rouge, we have many companies crafting and catering all different kinds of drinks.

Find the article here and browse through all the individual styles and services offered. To give your party an extra energy boost, keep reading for two more choices of craft coffee and caffeinated tea.

Cherrybomb Coffee Co.

Impress guests with a craft cup of coffee from Cherrybomb Coffee Company. Using its own beans and roasting methods, the brand’s customizable menu offers much more than your average cup of joe.

Choose between an espresso, latte, mocha, macchiato, cortado and hot chocolate, as well as additional flavors like caramel, white chocolate, honey lavender and more. In addition to its standard espresso bar, you can also add cold brew, decaf, chai latte, hot drip coffee or organic lemonade.

Its unique black trailer and simple white cart are both sleek and chic. If you’re wanting the bar to look more custom to your party, the company can add vinyl wrap the bar, and will create personalized stamped cups, stickers, and a menu board. It also has a small shop in Mandeville, but caters across southeast Louisiana.


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The Tea Trailer

These neon colored teas are becoming increasingly popular on LSU’s campus. The tea trailer has become all the rage for people that want an energy boost without the added sugars found in soda and energy drinks. Filled with caffeine, vitamins and zero sugar, these loaded teas are said to be a healthy choice for energy. They have double the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee, but with only 15 calories.

The Tea Trailer’s menu lists a plethora of options, including add-ons like a hydration booster (2800 mg electrolytes), immunity booster (1000 mg vitamin C) or beauty booster (20g collagen, 100 mg hyaluronic acid and 18 mg protein).

It currently has trucks on campus at LSU and Ole Miss, but it can also be booked for private events. The trailer has the same sleek look as Cherrybomb Coffee, but in white or light blue. If you’re interested in the tea but not so much the trailer, the brand’s pre-made packets can be bought online.

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