Courtesy Fully Fit Meals

Meal kit services that are making healthy happen

Mighty Meals

Mail-order meal kit services offer the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients to cook at home, but if we’re being honest, sometimes we could use a little more help. That’s where a growing number of local meal prep companies come in. We start our roundup of some of the latest with Mighty Meals, whose name is a perfect match for what this service brings to the table. Mighty Meals chef Megan Mckey studied nutrition at Southeastern Louisiana University before creating an online meal ordering service designed to help clients achieve a balanced diet with natural ingredients in pre-cooked and individually packaged meals that include a rotating menu of choices with dishes like Sicilian rice casserole and chili-lime chicken bowls.

Fully Fit Meals 

Measuring a food’s nutrients can be confusing and overwhelming, but Louisiana Culinary Institute-trained chef Amanda Vinet aims to help her Fully Fit Meals clients achieve their fitness and physical goals more easily with meals that are designed to be as satisfying as they are sensible. Calories, carbs, micronutrients and macronutrients are all balanced and tracked for each dish. Full Fit Meals introduces a new menu with 10 different meals every week; recent offerings included barbecue chicken mini pita pizza, green tea-marinated salmon, and king cake protein muffins.

Life Meals

Maybe your New Year’s resolutions have faded by now—it’s OK, it stays between us—but if you’re itching for a reboot with healthier options, Life Meals is poised to help. Owners and bodybuilders George O’Connor and Luke Forstmann’s meal delivery service touts quality local ingredients and customizable meals for busy people who value nutrition and performance. Added sugar, processed ingredients and artificial flavors are on the list of no-nos for this service, and the house blends of seasonings are low in sodium and calorie free.

Fork N Spoon

With the motto “Feel-Good Food,” Fork N Spoon manages to combine real comfort food with wholesome options. In addition to a weekly changing menu of prepped and packaged breakfast, lunch and dinner items—think peaches ’n cream overnight oats or shepherd’s pie—the “Clean Eats Menu” offers nutrient-dense bowls with a choice of protein and plenty of veggies. There’s also an option to dine in at the restaurant’s Brightside Drive location, with even more dishes on the menu.