Dish: Maison Lacour’s Escargots

Open since 1986, Maison Lacour has been unwavering in its preparation of classic French cuisine. From souffles to sweetbreads, the menu is a romp through continental gastronomy, an untainted lineup that has wavered little in 36 years. Arguably its most popular item is the escargots, baked helix snails from France’s Burgundy region seasoned with garlic butter, parsley, white wine and housemade breadcrumbs, and studded with sauteed mushrooms and fresh thyme. 

“After all these years in business,” Chef Michael Jetty says, “we still get so many people who are tasting snails for the first time. Overwhelmingly, they love them.” 

Spear each bite and savor its meaty sweetness. But the best part of the dish may be sopping pools of garlic butter with the restaurant’s French bread, made from scratch daily.

Maison Lacour

11025 N. Harrells Ferry Rd.
(225) 275-3755

Tuesday through Saturday, 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Limited seating. Call ahead for reservations.