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Love the wine you’re with: Perfect pairings for a girls’ night in

We’re about to enter the calm before the storm, as they say–that small window right after Halloween but before all the crazy holiday planning begins. It seems to be the only time to breathe and gather your wits until school starts back again in January, so enjoy it while you can. And whether your preferred method of winding down is with a good book or a day at the spa, there’s nothing like a nice glass of wine over good food and plenty of laughs with girlfriends. Yes, we’re talking about a girls’ night.

Truly nothing is more therapeutic than an evening filled with catching up with friends. Recently we met with Victoria Hines, a local Instagram food blogger with the account @foodiestoforkwith, and asked for her pairing recommendations for a fabulous girls’ night in. Cheers!

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Yes way, rosé

To me, you can’t have a girls’ night in without rosé. Rosé is one of my favorites and what we usually start off with. I usually reach for a bottle of sparkling rosé like Cupcake or Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose for my splurging moments or special occasions. My girlfriends and I like to pair these wines with a cheese & charcuterie board! And if I had to pick a must-have cheese for the board it would be white Stilton with mango and ginger, one of my faves!


Whenever it’s a chardonnay kind of night, we love Eberle Winery Chardonnay. Now you don’t want to pair chardonnay with anything spicy or too seasoned, so we usually like to whip up some grilled salmon and creamy truffle risotto. It’s light but filling at the same time. Fun fact: The owner of Eberle Winery attended LSU!

You had me at merlot 

For merlot, I find that Gran Passione and Dark Horse are awesome budget-friendly options. However, if you want to splurge, try out Duckhorn Vineyards. For pairings, and for nights when we need some good home cooking, we like to do a roast with all the fixings over brown rice, especially when it starts to get cooler outside! But if you and the girls aren’t in a savory food mood, merlot goes amazing with chocolate … chocolate anything!

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Sangria is my favorite fruit

I absolutely love sangrias, and Pulpoloco is delicious, fresh, and a favorite among my friends. Not only is it a huge hit, but they also have a sustainable packaging initiative which is something important to me. At girls night, we love to pair our sangrias with brie crostinis topped with apples and pomegranate seeds, so yum!

Will you be putting one of these wine pairings on display at your next girls’ night in, or will you try out something a little different? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.