Les Amis' pecan pie cheesecake has found its way onto the bakery's Thanksgiving menu this year. Photo courtsey Les Amis Bake Shoppe.

Local restaurants and bakeries offering Turkey Day takeout

Let’s face it, cooking at home for family is nice, but sometimes the effort just isn’t worth the trouble. Luckily, local restaurants are offering Thanksgiving fare to go this season. After all, just because every item on your table doesn’t come from the labor of your hands, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t served with every bit of love and care.

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BRQ’s Thanksgiving menu comes with more than a few options for meat-lovers, with two turkey choices, a ham and plenty of twists on your favorite familiar sides, from roasted Brussels sprouts with sweet dates to apple cream pie complete with handmade crust.

Gourmet Girls is also offering fall fare via its Thanksgiving carryout menu, this time in an array of elegant side dishes you probably wouldn’t find in the average household. From a honey chevre torta with herbs and edible flowers to pancetta sautéed mushrooms (not to mention the details of a “Gobble Gobble Cake” I’d really need to see to believe), these are true top-of-the-menu treats.


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Obviously there’s no Thanksgiving without a proper pie, and this is where CounterspaceBR’s menu shines. Sweet-toothed sisters may opt for Great Aunt Elnora’s Pecan Pie, while savory-swaying sons might prefer a bacon and veggie quiche. Regardless of your choice, the at-home touches of owner Sarah Joy Hays are enough to turn even a simple dish into a meal made with love.

Likewise, the sugary creations of Les Amis Bake Shoppe’s Thanksgiving dessert menu would do well as the grand finale of a seasonal sup. With multi-layered items with names like s’mores bread pudding or pumpkin toffee cheesecake, these dishes can’t even decide which part of their ingredients is more delicious. (Oh, and please give a medal to whoever discovered the combination of bourbon and pecan pie. A true national hero.)