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Instagram roundup: Snacking into fall with bites by local businesses

We know fall hasn’t officially started yet. It’s just that we feel…peckish. Peaked. Perspiring, definitely. And ready to distract ourselves for the rest of summer with snacks and passables that can keep our minds and bodies moving in the meantime. Take a look below to see what some of our locals are cooking up. Sharing optional.

Sure, a lot of people look forward to fall to wait for the perfect pass at the 1-yard line. We, on the other hand, will get just as excited—if not more—for a pass of the green chile salsa.

Don’t mind us, we’re just imagining all the various ways we would butcher these sweet almond croissants if we tried conjuring them ourselves. #Blessed to live in a city with professionals who will tend to our sweet tooth.

I guess Bites and Boards found out we were prepping our bellies for winter hibernation until 2021 arrives? There’s plenty here for a whole den.

Someone said “snack” and Red Stick Spice Company said “we can do better than that.” Something tells me these meal-accompanying cornbreads will become more than a side piece.

Okay, just one more spread—I’ll admit that adding some little flowers and chocolates to a board of multi-nutritional goodness makes us yearn for sweeter times. Luckily this isn’t a bad substitution.