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Girl Scout cookie season has arrived—with a virtual twist and a brand-new flavor

Mindful of the COVID-19 pandemic, Girl Scouts Louisiana East has adapted sales techniques to sell cookies in safe and socially distant ways. With innovative methods for cookie ordering and even a new flavor, the 2021 Girl Scout cookie season is officially in full swing.

Girl Scout entrepreneurs across the country are determined to stay connected to their communities by participating in the cookie program, even if it may look a bit different. This year’s cookie season, for example, is focused on technology, requiring the girls to come up with creative solutions to maintain the excitement of previous years, according to Rebecca Pennington, CEO of Girl Scouts Louisiana East.

“People will notice some delightful changes to the way we do cookie season this year,” Pennington says. “With more emphasis on using technology and using girl-powered creative solutions such as innovative drive-thru cookie booths, we hope our communities will support our communities will support their local Girl Scouts with the same energy and excitement as they have in years past.”

A national partnership with delivery platform Grubhub serves as an additional outlet for contact-free cookie orders. Additionally, working with Grubhub allows the Girl Scouts to use the company’s technology to track and fulfill orders—including those of the new Toast-Yay! cookie flavor that was inspired by French toast—manage inventory and more. This method will be available from February 25 to March 14 for Baton Rouge and New Orleans residents.

For those who do not already know a Girl Scout, customers can utilize the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to locate a nearby troop and purchase through the Digital Cookie platform, with the cookies shipped directly to customers.

For more information about the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie season, visit the Girl Scouts Louisiana East website for important dates, pricing and more.