Superior Grill’s House Frozen Margaritas have amassed local fame. Photo by Collin Richie.

Five frozen cocktails to keep you cool this summer

This summer is already one of the hottest on record. In this heat, everyone’s first instinct is to find something cool to drink, especially here in the South. One of the best ways to get an antidote to the heat is a frozen drink.

A number of frozen cocktails in Baton Rouge have just the right mix of everything that takes the edge off. The chilling blended ice sends a radiating cool down the throat that spreads throughout the chest, and the alcohol gives the drinks just the right kick to accompany the fruity flavors.

Below are some of our favorite frozen cocktails on the Capital City and where to find them.

The Frose/Dreamsicle Swirl at Mid City Beer Garden

This Government Street indoor-outdoor eatery and drinkery may have “beer” in its name, but it serves up some mean cocktails, too—its frozen versions ideal for al fresco diners in the summer months. The fruity blend of the Frose/Dreamsicle Swirl combines Mid City Beer Garden’s two popular frozen options so drinkers don’t have to choose. The frose brings flavors of fresh lemons and sweet strawberry, while the dreamsicle adds a tangy kick. Swirled all together, it’s a blast from the past in alcoholic form.

Frozen French 75 at Rocca Pizzeria

This restaurant has only one frozen drink this time of year, but that’s all they need. The Frozen French 75 has a lemony mix that is sure to make drinkers feel refreshed after a long hot day. This gin and sparkling wine concoction takes that frozen lemonade you had as a kid to a whole new level.

Frozen House Margarita at Superior Grill

In making this list, there’s one frozen option that got recommended to us most: Superior Grill’s Famous House Margarita packs the punch that the people of Baton Rouge love. It’s Tijuana tequila and lime tastes great, but the best part is the price. One frozen margarita cost $9.75—and it’s a fraction of that price at the restaurant’s lively happy hours.

Vodka Freeze at Bistro Byronz

The Vodka Freeze is like a classic lemon-lime slushy with an extra kick. This drink is for those who are more into citrus than alcohol. For those who like their drinks a bit stronger, add more vodka or even strawberry and orange options. This drink is available at all Byronz locations and changes in color and design to match the seasons.

Frozen Mojito at Solera

This drink stands out from the rest because it doesn’t use just fruity and citrus flavors to refreshen your senses, but also mint. The cool mint and lime combination goes down easy, but for those who want to add a twist, Solera also offers different types of flavored liquor, like blackberry or raspberry, to add more sweetness and color

This article originally appeared in 225 magazine’s 225 Daily newsletter.