Photo by Jenn Ocken

Dish: Elsie’s Plate & Pie’s Seafood Pot Pie

Freighted with three types of seafood and onion-studded velouté, Elsie’s pastry-topped seafood pot pie started off at the restaurant as a recurring special. Enthusiastically received, it was installed as a permanent menu item in 2018, a year after the popular spot opened in Mid City.

Crack its golden crust and fork up shrimp, crawfish and crabmeat in creamy white wine sauce. The generous, sharable dish is served in a cast iron pan with an accompanying side salad. Save room for sweet pie, too, the most popular of which is the restaurant’s off-menu Eye of the Tiger, lemon ice box topped with fresh blueberry whipped cream.

Elsie’s Plate & Pie 

3145 Government St.
(225) 636-5157