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Eating out and eating healthy with Eat Fit BR

If it comes down to my last $20 and I have to choose between eating a good meal and filling my tank up with gas, nine times out of ten I’m going to choose the good meal. And when I say a good meal, I don’t mean whipping something up in the kitchen at home, I’m talking about going out to eat and making meal time an experience–because calories don’t count when you’re having fun, right? Although I really want to agree, I can’t because calories always count, except during Thanksgiving and Christmas or when you’re on vacation, and no, you can’t change my mind on that. But according to Vanessa Richard of Eat Fit BR, just because you’re trying to clean up your eating habits doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy yourself.

Eat Fit BR has partnered with many restaurants in the Baton Rouge area to come up with and feature meals that are equal parts tasty and healthy. So in order to satisfy our cravings without putting us in a food coma, Richard let us in on some of her favorite go-to meals that are both delicious and Eat Fit friendly.

For a quick and easy breakfast:

A protein shake is perfect for getting your day started when you’re in a rush since it’s easy to order and even easier to scarf down. Plus, it’s a great way to get in a source of protein that’s bound to tie you over until your next meal.


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This line of Eat Fit approved protein shakes will have anyone feeling foxy! 🦊 // Available exclusively at @foxysfitness

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For a casual bite: 

There’s something so satisfying about a good burger. The way the toppings can complement the patty and bun so well makes my mouth water just thinking about it. However, it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect substitute to meat your needs. Leave it to Burgersmith to build a burger that even has beef-eaters making the switch to a turkey or tuna patty.

For a post-work snack:

Want all the vibes of a charcuterie board but don’t want all the fats from the cheese and cold cuts? The Smoked Salmon Saltine from City Pork is filled with delicious lighter bites and is just as aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable as your favorite charcuterie board.

For a guilt-free happy hour:

The beer gut…you really hate to see it. You also hate to feel that next-morning headache after having a few too many sugary adult beverages the night before. And that’s one of the reasons why French Market Bistro is proud to mix-up some cuttin’-back cocktails that are bound to get the job done.

For a dinnertime flavor fiesta:

If I could eat Mexican food every day, I think I would. Especially with all of the great Eat Fit options offered at Velvet Cactus like the Island Jerk Chicken and guacamole featured in this photo. Eat Fit and Velvet Cactus make it so easy to indulge in the flavorful food you love without feeling bloated or sluggish afterward. So, on that note–I’ll take some extra guac and an Eat Fit margarita, por favor. 

Eating out and eating healthy don’t have to be an either/or decisio,n thanks to Eat Fit BR and its partners. For more information on other restaurants partnering with Eat Fit, check out their website here. And learn more about the Eat Fit program in this story from the inRegister archives.

Ochsner Eat Fit is supported by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation. To learn more, visit or download the Eat Fit smartphone app.