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Skip the ham and order these Easter brunch-inspired takeout meals instead

No matter the time of year, a morning that involves brunch is usually a morning for celebration (or maybe you’ve just slept in a little bit longer than you intended—we won’t judge). Either way, Easter Sunday makes for a great excuse on both counts. As the for the menu, it doesn’t need to be complicated; before you start planning to preheat your oven at the crack of dawn, check out these local Easter brunch-inspired meals ready for takeout first.

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Why choose one Benedict when you can have two, especially when one is topped with a heaping of Louisiana crawfish—a recipe for a perfect Easter brunch, perhaps?


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Dipped, dyed or fried up in a pan, eggs are essential to any Easter Sunday brunch—it also doesn’t hurt when they’re served over enchiladas topped with a dollop of avocado cream.


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Why should Good Friday get all the fresh seafood? Make room on your Sunday plate for a hefty serving of fried catfish and smothered grits—did we mention there was bacon?


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It’s as if Rocca Pizzeria was reading our minds this year. If you’re struggling between the cinnamon rolls or deviled eggs, might we recommend the a la carte option?

Forget the chocolate bunny, these chocolate chip waffles with raspberry amaretto syrup from Rêve Coffee Lab are taking the spot for our Easter sweets of choice.

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