Photo by Misbah Ullah.

Dream Tart Desserts cottage bakery introduces creative cream tarts to the Capital City

For Misbah Ullah, 2021 has already been a busy year. In February, she turned her baking hobby into a career.

Ullah noticed cream tarts rising in popularity while scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. The custom-designed tarts are often molded into fun, colorful shapes like hearts or letters. The texture of a cream tart is light and delicious, like a cookie cake with whipped cream filling, she says.

Born in Pakistan and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Ullah moved from Canada to the United States about six years ago. When she arrived in Baton Rouge about a year and a half ago, she dreamt of running an at-home business. So this winter, she launched Dream Tart Desserts. She shares her artful creations—and her booking availability—on her Instagram page.

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