Photos by Jenn Ocken

Dish: The Overpass Merchant’s Tuna Wraps

You’d be right in figuring there’s no shortage of hangover-thwarting pub grub at The Overpass Merchant. But, in the last few months, the Perkins Road Overpass District bar and restaurant has been charming diners with lighter menu additions and a fresh new look. Upholstered banquettes, house plants and celadon trim create an airy vibe, prepping the mood for a dish like the new tuna wraps. 

Executive chef Winston Chase, who came on board in January, plates a tangle of rice noodles topped with soy-chili marinated fresh tuna chunks and apple cucumber relish. Use the accompanying butter lettuce leaves to scoop them up. The dish’s sweet-spicy profile is an effective antidote to summer’s dog days.

The Overpass Merchant

2904 Perkins Road
(225) 508-4737