Photos by Jenn Ocken.

Dish: Pho 97’s Vermicelli

Summer heat demands something light and flavorful, and stylish Vietnamese eatery Pho 97’s vermicelli fits the bill. A tangle of tender rice noodles is topped with grilled or lemongrass chicken, grilled pork, eggroll slices, flank steak or grilled shrimp—or the classic combination of grilled pork and eggroll. Pour over the accompanying nuoc cham (fish sauce with lime, garlic and sugar) and build a bite that pulls from the crown of crispy lettuce, cucumber, sprouts and herbs. Elsewhere on the menu, find top-selling bowls of steaming pho, banh mi sandwiches and rice plates topped with barbecue ribs or other proteins. 

Pho 97’s moody vibe features black walls punctuated by greenery and neon, an intentional strategy to rope in diners new to Vietnamese fare, says owner Tony Bui. This month, look for new entrees and appetizers, as well as expanded hours.

Pho 97

15540 George O’Neal Rd.
(225) 444-5060