Photo by Jenn Ocken

Dish: Kalurah Street Grill’s Grapefruit Tarte

One of the distinguishing features of the new Kalurah Street Grill is that its kitchen team includes a full-time pastry chef. Kaila Mogg-Stone, formerly of Magpie Café, is turning out signature desserts that jibe with K Street’s inventive Southern theme. One of her recurring specials is a punchy grapefruit tart, with a citrusy edge that makes it a satisfying meal ender.

Mogg-Stone starts by making a rosemary shortbread crust, then fills it with white chocolate ganache and grapefruit crema made from grapefruit curd, zest and cream cheese. Candied grapefruit zest, grapefruit supremes soaked in rosemary simple syrup, a dusting of shortbread crumbles, and edible fresh flowers gild this well-composed dish.

“I love using grapefruit,” says Mogg-Stone. “People are sometimes afraid of it because they think it’s bitter, but that makes it a fun challenge. It’s got a wonderful floral quality and is very refreshing.”

Kalurah Street Grill
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