Photo by Jenn Ocken

Dish: Cocha’s Seared Trout

Ingredients that change with the season are front and center on Cocha’s health-conscious, globally inspired menu. Chef Jourdan Fulbright’s new seared speckled trout, part of the eatery’s summer lineup, relies on fish sourced from regional waters and vegetables grown at Baton Rouge’s own Fullness Organic Farm. The trout fillet is quick-seared and served over a salad of asparagus ribbons, radishes and sorrel, a lemony green with a nice bite. Fulbright adds brightness and flavor to the salad with her brown-butter vinaigrette, roasted Louisiana pecans and preserved lemon rind. Rounding out the plate is a fried polenta cake made from organic Italian polenta. Yes, it’s imported, but that’s because it fits the restaurant’s non-GMO requirement, says co-owner Saskia Spanhoff.  “It’s a beautiful dish that will make you feel good eating it,” Spanhoff says.

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