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Louisiana Culinary Institute cooking classes

Cooking classes in Baton Rouge

A variety of establishments in Baton Rouge offer cooking classes to help you (and your kids!) work the kitchen

The Louisiana Culinary Institute offers a variety of cooking classes to the public. Next up is a burger class scheduled for Saturday, July 18, at 2:30 p.m. taught by Chef Derrick Beverly. One of the more popular classes the institute has held, the class will instruct students on how to make the right burger base using different proteins, seasonings and unique fillings. As a bonus, the class makes freshly baked buns and spreads.

“We’ve experimented with it and found out that the less classes we have per month, the higher the attendance,” says Charlie Ruffolo, director of public affairs for the Louisiana Culinary Institute. “If there are too many options the classes get diluted and then we have to cancel.”

With an eight person minimum and 15 person maximum per instructor, classes remain small and offer optimal and personalized instruction. Private leisure classes, team building events, and cooking competitions are available as well.

“We have corporations all over the world bring in their clients or employees, get hands on, and cook up a storm of food,” says Ruffolo. The Louisiana Culinary Institute has been hosting leisure classes since its opening in 2003.

In addition to the Louisiana Culinary Institute, Party Time hosts cooking classes as well. Perfect for the little ones eager to sport the apron, Party Times hosts cake, cupcake, and cookie classes. The classes are being held throughout the month of July at the store on Bluebonnet Boulevard. Kids ages 4-14 are welcome to attend. Supplies are provided and participants get to leave with their creations. Parents are encouraged to attend. The two-hour classes begin at 9:30 a.m. Check out a full schedule here.