Photos courtesy Victoria Hymel

Forget the forks. Cakesicles are the new way to enjoy cake

Everyone loves a good cake pop, but sometimes, they’re just too small. So what’s our solution? Cakesicles! Combining the creamy cake and candy shell of a cake pop with the shape of a popsicle, cakesicles offer a whole new way to enjoy cake without a fork.

“Cake pops have been around for a very long time, but they’re small,” Victoria Hymel, owner of All Things Sweet by Victoria, explains. “I consider them like a one-biter, like you could literally just put the whole thing in your mouth and be done. Cakesicles are more like Popsicles; they’re bigger and you can do more with them.”

From butterflies to gilded paint splatter, Hymel has experimented with countless embellishments in order to make the desserts stand out on a party table.

“You can do the same thing on a cake pop for the majority of designs,” she explains. “However the bigger surface area you have with a cakesicle allows the design or whatever you add to it to pop more.”

When making cakesicles, Hymel begins with the normal process for a cake pop–baking the cake, crumbling it up, and adding buttercream–then places the cake mixture into a cakesicle mold. After placing the mixture in a mold, she lets them firm up in the freezer and then dips them.

“I feel like you get a better coating when you dip them than when you put them directly into the molds. It’s a thinner layer.” Hymel says. “I like to have a good bite of chocolate with the cake instead of it just being a thin outer layer.”

Hymel says the best part of baking happens long after the batter is baked or the pops are dipped, though.

“I, obviously, enjoy every little bit of the process,” she explains. “But when people get the cakesicles and they’re like ‘Oh my gosh these are so cute’ or ‘My kids loved them; I tried to hold them off to the weekend but they ate them all already,’ that’s what makes me keep doing what I’m doing,” Hymel says.