Love it or hate it, we’re laying it all out for the butter board trend

We all remember where we were when we first saw a strange new cuisine trend appear on our social media feeds. Sure, we were more than familiar with charcuterie boards. We knew all about the necessary spread of accoutrement for lox. We’d even indulged in lineups of barbecue sauces or various dips for vegetable trays. But this was a different beast altogether. This was a butter board. 

Chef Joshua McFadden is often credited with creating butter boards after sharing the recipe in one of his early cookbooks, but this September saw the idea grow to new proportions when Justine Doiron, a recipe developer and food stylist, posted a TikTok of her assembling a honey coriander butterboard. The TikTok amassed millions of views, and hundreds of influencers started putting their own spin on the out-of-the-box appetizer.   

@justine_snacksI like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood♬ original sound – speed songs

“I think butter boards have been so appealing for people because of the diversity of flavor,” says Katia Mangham, owner of Gourmet Girls. “They’re easy to eat and they’re pretty.”

Think of butter boards as the chill, aesthetically pleasing cousin of the traditional charcuterie board, starting with a base of—you guessed it—softened butter, which has usually been spread in a textured pattern. Depending on what dishes the board will accompany, hosts can then sprinkle various additions on top, from onions to herbs to honey to edible flowers.

Although the concept is simple, Mangham has a few suggestions for perfecting a pretty and tasty butter board for fall. Mangham suggests using a high-quality, unsalted butter and leaving it at room temperature until it reaches around 60 degrees. Then, when it’s soft and ready to spread, be strategic with the tools you use. While some use butter knives and offset spatulas, Mangham believes that a spoon would be the easiest tool to use.

“You want to make indentations, because I think the whole point is to put stuff on top that will hold,” Mangham says.

While butter boards haven’t quite made it to Gourmet Girls’ menu just yet, they’re awaiting requests for butter boards as they expand their storefront. The newly expanded Lobdell Avenue location is expected to open at the end of October, at which time shoppers can enjoy a pastry case for prepared desserts, seating for lunch, and a private event room. Who’s to say a butter board won’t eventually join the party?

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