Photography by Eye Wander Photo.

BLDG 5’s unique lemonade flavors are now available at local stores

While summer and lemonade go hand-in-hand, the tasty new drinks crafted by locals are far from a typical stand on the side-of-the-road. Brumby and Misti Broussard, BLDG 5 owners and “lemonniers” (lemonade flavor experts), have transformed a beverage typically reserved for summer into a flavor profile that transcends all seasons.

With flavors like Ginger Blackberry Rosemary and Pear Basil Jalapeño, these next-level lemonades are made for foodies. Best-sellers at BLDG 5’s location, the drinks are now on shelves at local retailers across Baton Rouge, including Iverstine Farms Butcher, Alexander’s Highland Market, Calvin’s Bocage Market and Southside Produce.

Learn more about the brand and purchase a pack at