Photo by Raegan Labat.

From ‘225’ magazine: How to navigate ingredients at an Asian market

Although our modern palates may be accustomed to Asian cuisine in restaurants and takeout, many Louisianans’ knowledge of authentic ingredients and how to use them is put to the test in our own kitchens. Fortunately, Baton Rouge residents have the assistance of Yuefeng Chen, owner of Asian Supermarket, to help navigate the vast array of ingredients used in Asian cooking.

Originally established in Lafayette, Asian Supermarket has been welcoming Baton Rouge customers to its Florida Boulevard location since 2017, with Chen determined to help shoppers navigate the vast inventory of Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Indian products sold inside. Even kids won’t mind being dragged through the aisles for an after-school excursion—as long as they get to try the Japanese soda, Ramune Premium Carbonated Soft Drink.

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