From the Archives: Sister, Sister

Sharing the spotlight on your big day? The mere suggestion is enough to send some brides into orbit. Yet, for the Kennon sisters, it was a dream come true. Melanie Kennon McGavern and Suzanne Kennon Hughes happily shared their special day on October 10, 1992, as featured in the January 1993 issue of inRegister.

The two were engaged around the same time, and their parents, Bob and Suzanne Kennon, wondered amongst themselves how they would handle an October wedding followed by another in February. Not to mention that their eldest daughter, Genie, was expecting their first granddaughter that November.

Then came the phone call. “Within minutes after Melanie called to share her news with Suzanne, Suzanne called her parents and said she and Denny wanted to share their wedding date with Melanie and Ted,” the article states. Suzanne had already booked the church and country club and selected the bridesmaids’ dresses. For Melanie, it was ideal because “you know, Suzanne has excellent taste,” she told inRegister. With three sixpences each, the brides said “I do” at First Presbyterian Church before celebrating with friends and family from 18 states and England at the Baton Rouge Country Club.

One bride’s nightmare is another’s perfect day. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate love, and one thing we can all agree on is that every bride deserves the day of their dreams. Trends come and go. It’s the memories made, and love shared, that last a lifetime.