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Spotted: Poolside necessities for a hot Louisiana summer

Let’s check the weather, shall we? Actually, why even bother? It’s 1:00 p.m. and you know it feels like 105 degrees outside. This means that if you’re outside, you’re obligated to be sitting by the pool. We don’t make the rules!

Do you know what makes a pool day even better? All the goodies that go in your pool bag. We’ve been seeing so many chic beach and poolside essentials at the boutiques around Baton Rouge, so read on to see a few of our favorites.

Lukka has all the poolside essentials you could ever want. For an elevated poolside slide, try these Shutz platform sandals.

Why is it so hard to find a great beach towel? It’s always too short to lay out on or too thin to actually dry you off. These beach towels from the Royal Standard are made out of microfiber so they are sand resistant and quick drying.


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Well, if this isn’t the cutest shaker we’ve ever seen. The Foyer has these shakers in multiple bright colors to keep your spicy margarita super cold all afternoon for long pool days.


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Speaking of keeping the drinks cold, this Corkcicle backpack from The Keeping Room can store enough drinks for you and all your guests so that you don’t ever have to leave the pool.


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I don’t know about y’all, but laying out for more than 15 minutes without getting in the pool seems impossible in South Louisiana. This mini cooling fan from HighlandSide is definitely an essential in our pool bag.