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The sky is the limit on a month-long jet experience with stops around the world

Earlier this year, Royal Caribbean’s nine-month Ultimate World Cruise made waves, with its itinerary including stops at iconic destinations around the world. But if the water isn’t your speed, the Four Seasons is taking to the skies to give travelers the opportunity to visit dozens of destinations with weeks-long jet experiences. Utilizing the Four Seasons Private Jet and the hotel chain’s resorts around the world, the adventure is at the top of Rove & Roam luxury travel advisor Caitlin Stolzenthaler’s bucket list.

“I love the idea of this because I’d be able to see so many amazing locations on my bucket list—some that are slightly more difficult to get to—all in one trip,” she says.

In 2025 the Four Seasons will offer nine different itineraries, from a 24-day Ancient Explorer trip to 10 destinations, including Easter Island and the Pyramids of Giza, to a 13-day African Wonders trip, which is the only family-friendly itinerary offered. Stolzenthaler’s chosen excursion is called International Intrigue. The trip starts in Seattle and goes to eight destinations over 24 days. From relaxing in the crystal blue waters of the Maldives to exploring the African savanna in the heart of the Serengeti, along with other destinations like Budapest, Kyoto, Marrakech and more, the itinerary hits many must-see cities and offers a plethora of experiences that allow travelers to get a feel for the culture, traditions and scenery of each place.

Budapest, Hungary. Photo courtesy Four Seasons

“Being able to see many destinations in such a short time period, while staying at Four Seasons resorts and not having to deal with the hassle of flying, makes this trip incomparable,” Stolzenthaler says. “Everything is taken care of by the Four Seasons staff. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.”

The 48-seat private plane features a 24/7 concierge and an executive chef, as well as an onboard lounge area, a health physician and plenty of in-air experiences to keep guests occupied during long stretches of flying.

“Because there are only 48 seats, these trips do tend to book up far in advance,” Stolzenthaler says. “But the standard price includes everything from the many excursions offered in every destination to each chef-crafted meal.”

Stolzenthaler is finding that more and more of her clients are actually keeping a bucket list and wanting to make these once-in-a-lifetime experiences happen, a task she’s happy to assist with. But no matter the destination or journey getting there, she says there is no time like the present to make the jump and take the trip.

“Travel tends to challenge us and push us outside of our comfort zone, which is such a beautiful thing,” she says. “And there’s a good chance that next year it will be more crowded and more expensive.”

The Rundown




24 days


Ideally, book a year to a year and a half in advance.

High Points

Start in Seattle

• Enjoy a cocktail welcome reception and dinner while meeting your travel group at Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Kyoto, Japan

• Explore Nishiki Market, known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen,” and learn about Japanese food culture and the art of food presentation from a professional chef.

• Take a trip through a dense bamboo forest on the Sagano walking path, making your way to Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto’s iconic golden temple where the top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf.

• In the city of Nara, tour the Todai-ji Temple and see the bronze Daibutsu Buddha weighing 250 tons, and tour Nara’s most celebrated shrine, the Kasuga Taisha, dating back to the first century.

Hôi An, Vietnam

• Explore the vibrant streets of Hôi An at night via vintage Vespas, starting with a sunset cocktail before a progressive dinner highlighting the signature dishes of Hôi An and Southeast Asia.

• Learn about local farming practices dating back centuries, bike to a small village with seemingly endless rice fields, stroll along the Thu Bon River and enjoy a boat ride to Hôi An town.


• Snorkel where the crystal-clear waters offer visibility up to 98 feet.

• Savor Champagne and canapés on an evening sunset cruise while searching for schools of dolphins.

Serengeti, Tanzania

• Embark on a morning or afternoon safari led by driver-guides to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

• Get a different view of the landscape from a sunrise hot air balloon flight, followed by a Champagne breakfast in the bush.

Serengeti game drive. Photo by Borut Trdina

Marrakech, Morocco

• Explore the older districts of Medina and the architectural wonders there.

• Visit Madrasa Ben Youssef, which is the largest Islamic college.

• Spend a day walking through the Atlas Mountains to the Berber village of  Armed, where you’ll be greeted by the village chief and enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch accompanied by local entertainment.

Madrasa Ben Youssef in Marrakech, Morocco. Photo by Atosan

Budapest, Hungary

• See statues of kings, governors and famous leaders in Hungarian history while exploring Heroes’ Square. Later, tour Matthias Church, a focal point of Budapest.

• Visit the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, the largest thermal bath in Budapest and one of the largest in Europe.

Florence, Italy

• Take a private, after-hours tour of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and see the ancient workshop where Michelangelo carved the statue of David.

• Enjoy a special private evening at Uffizi Gallery, home to an impressive collection of Italian Renaissance art spanning the gamut of art history, from ancient Greek sculptures to 18th-century Venetian paintings.

• Drive to Pisa and enjoy a truffle hunting adventure with the Savini family, who have been producing truffle products since the 1920s.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence, Italy. Photo courtesy Four Seasons

End in Cap-Ferrat, France

• Stay in the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat.

• Stargaze at the Hotel park for a unique experience to learn about astronomy with a world-renowned planetary scientist.

• Drive along the glamorous French Riveria coast in a vintage car into Monaco to visit one of the world’s most iconic casinos.

Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat in Cap-Ferrat, France. Photo courtesy Four Seasons