Photos by Betsy Lindsey

Dog lover Solon Britt is working to give pets the vacation they deserve with his “bed and biscuit” concept

Past the jasmine-lined double gate, an unassuming back door opens to a tranquil space filled with the gentle beat of the “Buddha Beach” playlist. The velvet sofa, French chaise lounge and gallery wall featuring a collection of locally sourced art and antiques leave no hint that this space was made for four-legged visitors.

When Solon Britt, known as “Uncle Britt” to the pack of fluffy, wiggling tails underfoot, built his home off of Hoo Shoo Too Road, he carved out half of it for boarding dogs year-round. It’s a passion he turned into a career, dubbing his business Pet Vacay BR, after years of working with a local pet rescue organization.

Rather than traditional grass, Britt opted for artifical turf for the dogs’ yard in order to cut down on mud and ensure that the space is green year-round.

For about six years, he provided personalized care for pups in their own homes across the city, many of whom he had helped find forever homes.

“Many of them I have kept since they were puppies or first adopted,” he says as dogs scurry through the garden gate. As he moves from room to room, some whine to be held while others simply follow along, sure to keep Uncle Britt in their sight.

Four years ago, as he began the process of building a home, he pivoted from providing in-home care to offering lodging in his home. But make no mistake—this is no typical boarding facility. Britt has thought of everything, from the stained concrete floors inside to the artificial turf lawn outside, which is decorated with string lights, small dog-friendly chairs and flowers in full bloom.

A twin-size bed offers space for pups to rest and relax while looking out on the play yard from a large window.

“This is their home away from home,” he says, pointing to the softly lit second room where pups lounge on the bed or sofa near a large window looking out into the backyard. He’s always sure to capture a photo of a pooch lounging or playing to share with their owners and his followers on Instagram.

Pet Vacay BR only hosts small dog breeds, and each must pass an interview process for safety more than anything else, Britt explains. “It’s about trust, safety and respect,” he adds.

Just like in their own houses, dogs are invited to make themselves at home on Britt’s plush furniture. And he doesn’t sacrifice design for dog-friendliness. The space is complete with velvet fabrics, a vibrant rug and plenty of artwork.

At any given time, Britt has a dozen or more dogs in his care. Some stay for weeks at a time while their owners travel abroad, and others drop in for shorter periods.

“It can be a lot of work, but I love them all,” Britt says with a laugh.

For more information about Britt’s “bed and biscuit,” find @petvacaybr on Instagram.